Ty Lawson is sporting a different jersey now, but the bravado is still the same.

The Houston Rockets point guard is calling out all the top point guards in the Western Conference, including Chris Paul if this quote means anything.

Despite never having played in the NBA Finals, the Clippers point guard is considered elite. Lawson feels otherwise, believing you have to win championships to earn such an honor.

“I don’t think you’ve ever seen so many good point guards in one conference at one time in the league ever,” Lawson told Yahoo Sports. “But you’ve got to win. If you want to be an elite PG in this league, you’ve got to win. You’ve got to be in the conference finals, the NBA Finals. If you’re not winning, you’ll always be a second-tier, or third-tier point guard.”

He didn’t say Paul’s name, but did he really have to?

By Glenn Erby


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