An anonymous former Louisville Cardinals player told ESPN.com that escorts who worked for madam Katina Powell visited the dorms while he was on campus, but only danced for players.

“They were just up there dancing in bathing suits, they didn’t even get all the way nude,” the player said.

The player said that the escorts visited one or two times, but that he didn’t know who invited them to the dorm.

“It was just [for fun], and after that it was like a regular night,” the player said. “We went out to a club. Far as paying for sex — nobody did that. She [Powell] is lying about that.”

The player also said he never saw large amounts of money change hands, and that he only witnessed about $100 tossed at the women.

“It wasn’t no $10,000. I know that much,” he said. “Things don’t add up. Andre is staying in the dorm, but he’s going to give her $10,000? Like I said, I never seen Andre McGee hand her no money. The only money I saw was what was thrown at the strippers. Not by Andre McGee. By players, by their choice. And the girls left, and that was just that.”

Former Louisville recruit and current Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle has also confirmed that escorts visited Louisville’s campus.

By Glenn Erby


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