Boomer Esiason gets paid to troll, so this is hilarious even if it’s not true.

Esiason claimed on his WFAN show Friday morning, that the Jets were playing no games upon arriving in Foxborough and promptly requested that the NFL search their locker room for listening devices before the team’s game against the Patriots.

“I don’t think anybody’s acknowledged it,” Esiason said in regard to the Patriots, Jets or the NFL.

Esiason used Peyton Manning’s paranoia with Gillete Stadium as an example.

“Peyton Manning has always thought that there were listening devices in there,” Esiason said. “And then when he would go in there and he would talk to his teammates, he’d put his hand over this mouth and he’d whisper into the ear of his teammates because he was afraid that there could actually be a camera in there to read his lips.”

According to the New York Daily News, that information provided by Esiason is false.

Between Spygate and Deflategate, I can understand why such a hilarious claim would be made. It’s also a shame that most visiting teams probably request those same measures.

By Glenn Erby


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