The college basketball world was rocked Friday afternoon by allegations involving madams, escorts, daughters, recruits and a prominent Louisville basketball staffer.

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich held a press conference to address the release of an upcoming book that claims a former men’s basketball staffer allegedly paid thousands to escorts to have sex with recruits.

To make matters worse, Jurich said he was tipped off “when Indiana University’s top booster started sniffing around for some steamy pictures.

Per Sporting News:

Louisville spokesman Kenny Klein said that Indiana never provided the photo to Louisville, but Jurich said the school immediately reached out to the NCAA to report the allegations within the book, which has yet to be released to the public.

Did Jurich think that Indiana turned Louisville in? “I have no comment,” he said. Jurich also said that he had “no idea” if Louisville’s 2013 national title is in jeopardy. Head coach Rick Pitino said he was not concerned about the 2013 title because he didn’t thinking that any of the players on that team were part of the allegations.

The book, titled “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen," was authored by Katrina Powell, an escort from the Louisville.

Ex-director of basketball operations Andre McGee allegedly paid thousands of dollars, for escorts, including two of Powell’s daughters, to have sex with recruit and players.

A crushed Rick Pitino said he was “disheartened.”

By Glenn Erby


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