A 39-year-old Hawaii man has somehow convinced a psychologist that Jay Z possessed his body and made him butcher his wheelchair-bound landlord almost three years ago, according to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Psychologist Dr. Duke Wagner said that Jay Z “has been a constant figure” in the life of 39-year-old Jason Russell Jump, who allegedly bludgeoning 54-year-old James V. Johns to death in 2012. Wagner testified Friday that Jump said authorities should “put Jay Z in prison for the murder of James Johns and put other Illuminati who’ve been attacking (Jump) in prison, too.”

“I think the consistency of psychotic symptoms and especially something that’s delusional in nature, it’s hard to maintain the nature, and, let’s say, the exactness of the content,” Wagner said. “People that are malingering are going to make mistakes as far as accuracy. They’re not going to be consistent over years in remembering exactly what to say, to say it in a similar or the same manner and … do this in a free-floating manner. He was consistent in that sense.”

Psychologist Dr. Alex Lichton, the state’s designated examiner, acknowledged under questioning by Oshiro that he also was aware of claims Jay Z took over Jump’s body. Jump has also been known to say that “celebrities are eating away at his stomach.”

By Glenn Erby


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