Nick Saban comes from the Bill Belichick school of win at all costs, so this shouldn’t be shocking at all.

During his weekly Alabama radio show, Saban admitted that he was happy to help players cheat on the Wonderlic test during his days in the NFL.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Saban said that if a player who’d caught his interest had struggled on the administered test, he’d request a second opportunity for the player and then administer the test himself.

“I hate to admit it now, but if I really liked a player, I would actually take the test out, look at it, tutor the guy a little bit, alright, before he took it. Maybe lose a few minutes on the timing part of it, so he had a little extra time… and they would do better,” he said on air.

Saban reportedly admitted it before during a 2006 interview with USA Today.

"I really liked this guy. He played safety. I got the test out, and even though I didn’t take it, I studied it. Then I tutored the guy for about an hour before he took it, then I gave him twice as long to take it than he was supposed to.

“He doubled his score. We got him to where we could draft him. Now nobody knows about that, but I don’t think (Oilers owner) Bud Adams can fire me now, so I’m OK with it.”

The Belichick Way!

By Glenn Erby


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