Roger Goodell must really be big on doing things the right way, because how else can you explain the league continuing with their Deflategate witch-hunt?

On Monday, the NFL filed a 61-page brief in court that appeals Judge Richard Berman’s decision in the Deflategate case. Berman ruled in favor of Brady, which overturned the four-game suspension that had been upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

During a radio interview on Tuesday with ESPN’s Mike and Mike, Goodell said that league’s latest appeal has nothing to do with Brady and everything to do with maintaining the commissioner’s powers.

“This is about our rights in the CBA. That’s all it is. We filed this litigation initially to reinforce the fact that we had this right in our collective bargaining agreement. We had a decision from Judge Berman, we disagree with it, that’s what appeals courts are for.

“It has nothing to do with any individual player or anyone else. It has something to do with Judge Berman’s decision and that’s what we’re appealing.”

So are we to believe that the league won’t bother with a suspension if they win, and this appeal is just about using your CBA rights?

By Glenn Erby


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