The Buffalo Bills have supported Sammy Watkins’ in his public request to “not look bad” and get more targets. Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe thinks the second-year wide receiver should have approached the situation differently ... like not saying anything at all.

"Now I lobbied John (Elway) in the huddle, that’s different. Didn’t nobody know about that, I’m telling you now. My job is – when you put me in the situation – to go make plays. That’s my job. My job is not what to tell you what I can get open on. My job isn’t to tell you to throw me the football. But keep your mouth shut. Go to the person that you have the problem with.

"… I want Sammy Watkins to be quiet, get on the football field and give them a reason to give him 10 targets again. The mistake he is making, because they moved up to select him, he feels that there’s some kind of obligation that the team should give him, because you traded up to get me. Nah, you earn that, bro. Where you got drafted has nothing to do with how many balls I’m gonna throw you, you gonna earn it. And you talking about it doesn’t help the case."

Watkins has a pedestrian seven receptions for 99 yards and a touchdown in three games, and said emphatically on Thursday that he needs the ball at least 10 times per game.

Sharpe’s point about Taylor is spot on as well, because Watkins should be able to understand that Tyrod is essentially a rookie when it comes to in-game progressions and recognition.

By Glenn Erby


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