Is this the WWE or real beef?

After seeing Kevin Durant call him a liar, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith responded to the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar on First Take on Monday morning. He’s not backing down.

It started last week when Smith reported on First Take that the Lakers were Durant’s preferred choice if he bolted Oklahoma City. Durant denied the report, calling Smith “a liar.”

On Monday’s show, Smith said that Durant is the one “lying,” but he also said that Durant should be careful about going after him:

“I sit here today incredibly offended by the personal attack that this man has put against me,” Smith said.

“What I would like to ask Kevin Durant and some of the brothers who talk behind my back in the NBA who probably put him up to something stupid like this … Do you really want me to come out of this seat and go back on the scene? Do you really wanna see me in an NBA arena?

Because I can assure you I’ll find out more in 10 minutes than I can get from 50 phone calls …. I have proven it.”

“We really wanna go here? We really wanna start something with me???? You sure about that??? I just want people to think about that.”

By Glenn Erby


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