Punter Steve Weatherford can return to his radio show with some nice pocket change if he needs new microphones or headphones. Weatherford signed with the Jets last Saturday afternoon on short notice when punter Ryan Quigley reported to the facility with a shin infection.

The Jets scooped Weatherford up because he lives close to the facility, and he was actually co-hosting an ESPN radio show in Manhattan when he got the call.

He reportedly drove across the George Washington Bridge, stopped at home to pick up a suit and his cleats and met the team at their facility before it departed for the airport. For one game spent mostly on the bench, Weatherford brought home a quick $51,000.

As a player with nine years vested, Weatherford signed for the minimum salary — $870,000. Pro-rated for one game (players are paid 17 times during the season), it’s $51,176.

All he did was punt four times and hold the ball five times on field-goal and extra-point placements. He was rusty, averaging only 40.3 yards (gross), but he was a good sport about it. Afterward, Weatherford explained he had punted only three times since being released by the Giants at the end of the preseason. The last time was a week ago in a park, with his 7-year-old son snapping to him.

That’s not a bad days work, regardless of how stressful it was.

By Glenn Erby


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