Mike Wallace is a talented wide receiver, so he knows when one of his peers has that special gift. Wallace says he can already see spurts of his former Steelers teammate Antonio Brown in Vikings rookie wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

“You can tell from Day One who can play football or not,” Wallace said, per Matt Vensel of The Star Tribune. “They have some exceptions where guys get better drastically over time. But for the most part, you can tell from Day One, can he play or can he not play? And I always felt like (Diggs) could from Day One. … Just the skill set, the way he runs his routes, the energy that he has. It reminds me of (Brown).”

Diggs wasn’t falling for the trap, saying he was flattered but acknowledging he still has a long way to go.

“You want to say ‘thank you’ … but the work has yet to be done,” Diggs said. “There’s a lot more plays to be made out there before I get to that point.

“I believe everyone is different. Antonio Brown, excuse my language, is a hell of an athlete and a hell of a receiver, and I have yet to work to that point. I’m just trying to earn my stripes.”

A few more performances like last Sunday, and there won’t be any doubt.

By Glenn Erby


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