The pound-for-pound king may no longer lace them up, but Floyd Mayweather will dropped the mic and walk off on you, like no other.

During an interview with MLive’s David Mayo, Mayweather blasted Oscar De La Hoya in response to a Playboy interview the Golden Boy Promotions honcho did in which he ripped Mayweather, stating that the undefeated fighter was “boring” during his career, while criticizing his tactics.

Calling De La Hoya “jealous," Floyd went on to crush Oscar in a below the belt type of rant.

"I think he’s jealous — jealous. The thing is this, I mean, you see Richard Schaefer is gone. Richard Schaefer built Golden Boy. Honestly, who wants to do business with Oscar De La Hoya? I really care about a fighter’s well-being. I’m just saying if Miguel Cotto was my fighter, if Canelo was my fighter, they’d be a lot bigger than they are now."

He wasn’t done there, ripping De La Hoya for not even present during his mega-fight with Canelo Alvarez.

"I’m just saying how can Oscar even speak on something when he didn’t even show up? He didn’t show up at the Canelo fight. What are we talking about? Drugs, lies and adultery. And dressing in drag.

"Me, as a fighter, I’m just saying, if I was a young fighter coming up, a guy that’s lying, a guy that’s on drugs, a guy that we don’t know if he’s going to show up, he’s not 100 percent, I’ve only got to say one thing — he couldn’t be my promoter. If I was a young fighter coming up, I would not want Oscar De La Hoya as my promoter. Me, as a fighter, I couldn’t trust him."

De La Hoya missed that fight because of a stint in rehab.

By Glenn Erby


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