Rob Gronkowski is one of the toughest players to cover in the NFL. The versatile tight end is just too big for most cornerback and safeties, and way too fast and athletic for linebackers.

Gronk is a defense's worst nightmare, which is why the New England Patriots have been so successful in the passing game with him. The 3-4 Washington Redskins will face the undefeated Pats this Sunday, and head coach Jay Gruden is presented with the task of having his defense contain Gronk.
I think it’s going to be a group effort,” Jay Gruden said on a conference call with New England media Wednesday. “You can say you want to double him and do all this stuff, but if you double him you leave the other guys 1-on-1. I think it’s going to be man-on-man in certain situations. Our guys are going to have to step up, no matter who is on him and compete for the football.”
It's hard to stop Gronk. You can only contain him. That is why Gruden compared the star tight end to the likes of NBA star LeBron James. James, like Gronk, simply can't be stopped. He'll get his points no matter what.
“Rob Gronkowski, he’s like a great basketball player; Steph Curry or LeBron James, he’s going to get his points,” Gruden said. “You just have to make sure they don’t kill you. So we just have to limit his big plays, and when he does get the ball we get some people around him and try to force some turnovers and go ahead and play.”
If the Redskins can't do that, they have other plans.
“Only way to stop (Gronkowski) is hope they undercook food he gets in room service,” Terrance Knighton said, via the Washington Times’ Anthony Gulizia.
By Josh Dhani


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