I’m actually surprised he tried to pull this privileged move, seeing as it never works for the athletes, regardless of who they are.

Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett tried to pull the football star card during his drunk driving arrest, asking the officer for special treatment because, “I’m the quarterback of Ohio State!”

In the dash cam footage provided by TMZ Sports from the October 31 incident, Barrett knows trouble is coming and tries to pull his SUV out of a DUI checkpoint.

During the stop, the officer says he could smell booze on Barrett’s breath, with the quarterback insisting that he had nothing to drink.

After being arrested, Barrett plays the star card, telling the cop, “I’m the quarterback of Ohio State officer, there’s nothing you can do?”

The officer didn’t feed and told Barrett he would spare him jail. Once Barrett sits in the back seat of the cruiser, reality sets in and he sees his Ohio State future in front of him as he screams “FUCK!!! FUCK!!!”

At that point, Barrett lets cops know Cardale Jones is on his way.

By Glenn Erby


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