Kudos to Olivia Munn for carrying some ether around in her purse.

When the proclaimed best quarterback on the planet is struggling and the only change in his life is a woman, you’d expect some sports reporters to utilize his personal life for hot takes.

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky wrote an article titled the “Five reasons why quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling,” in which he tries to figure out why Rodgers is looking rather...human.

He chalked it up to the normal stuff like injuries and personnel, but leaped for the hot take when he included Rodgers' girlfriend, Olivia Munn, to the list.

That followed a Packers fan claiming that Jesus was punishing the Packers for Rodgers and Munn’s sex life. At that point, the talented actress lashed out after finally having enough.

I mean she has a point, and the Packers are 6-3.

By Glenn Erby


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