When the term “lights out” or “streaky shooting” were invented, a picture of Stephen Curry should have come along with it.

The reigning MVP is averaging 33 points per game on the season, and he’s yet to have that performance similar to last season when he would just go completely unconscious during a game.

During a recent interview, Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports asked Curry if he thinks he could ever surpass Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point mark. That’s with today’s three-point line.

“It’s a different game today,” Curry told Spears. “I don’t know many shots he got up but he didn’t have a three-point line. A hundred? That would be tough. If I shot like I did in New Orleans and played full 48, maybe got 20 more shots up, I might [have] got 75-ish. That’s shooting the ball really well, too. A hundred, probably not.”

In today’s NBA where double-teaming is the norm, Curry would have to be on a blistering pace just to come near Spurs legend David Robinson, who scored 71 points against the Los Angeles Clippers in 1994—or Kobe’s 81 against the Raptors.

By Glenn Erby


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