Many NBA players have been speaking about Kobe Bryant and his legacy since his announcement that he was going to retire after this season.

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh has added his take, saying that the Los Angeles Lakers is "the greatest player of my generation."
"He’s the greatest player of my generation. He was that guy after Mike that really just won, and he was about winning championships. And he really did it a young age. When they three-peated, he was 21, 22 years old. It was just amazing to see him climb up so high, so fast. They did have their struggles, but he was still a great player – one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, of course."
Bosh, of course, played with LeBron James for four years. Some may think this is diss at the four-time MVP and former teammate. However, Bosh used to play for the Toronto Raptors and was there in that game Kobe dropped 81 points on his squad. It makes sense.

Personally, I think LeBron or Tim Duncan are the greatest players of the generation. This is not a knock on Kobe. All three are going to be Hall-of-Famers, anyways. You could also make the argument LeBron is the greatest players of the 2010s, and Kobe for the 2000s.

For Bosh, though, it's the Black Mamba.

By Josh Dhani


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