The 2016 Olympics games have finally begun! We have the chance to see the top athletes from all around the world compete in our chosen fields.

Despite some concerns over the safety of the Brazilian location, things seem to be going well at what is arguably the world’s most prolific sporting event. Well, except for a few mishaps but we’ll leave them for another day.

Whilst many will be content to kick back and view the events as they take place, others will be looking to raise the stakes a little. Like any top sporting event, the Olympics offers a prime opportunity to place a bet or two.

We’ve had a look at the odds for Rio, so allow us to bring you an overview of the gambling landscape at this year’s Olympics. You never know, you could strike it lucky!

Bets on the Olympics really run the gamut. Far from simply allowing bets to be placed on the events, betting sites this year have outdone themselves. You can now place a bet on anything from the men’s 100 meters to which country will win the most medals.

Of course, betting on the Olympics is not the only way you can enjoy a game’s themed bet online. Many online bingo and casino sites are currently running Olympic-themed promotions.

You can even play an Olympics themed game of 75 ball bingo. With such a variety, it clear that betting and the Olympics go together like peanut butter and jelly this year.

Some jurisdictions in the US have even amended betting regulations to allow patrons to place bets on the Rio Olympics. Specifically, the state of Nevada will now allow bets on amateur sports making many Olympic sports now fair game.

Bookmakers have received a high volume of participation ever since, with consumers grabbing the opportunity to place bets on everything from top swimmers to USA basketball.

However, American bookmakers think the best has yet to come. As the law was changed quietly in February, many are unlikely to know that the change taken place.

This is likely to alter as the games progress and the profile rises. As the games are now entering full swing, they expect a slew of bets.

The exact number is thought to be comparable to a weekend full of NFL football and college football combined. For bookmakers who have never had to calculate odds for these types of games, it has been a learning curve.

The Rio summer Olympics are the first run. The Winter Olympics in Korea will take place in 2 years and present another opportunity for consumers and bookmakers alike to cash in.

If you haven’t yet had a flutter on the Olympics then we suggest you take a look at the badminton, basketball and curling if you’re planning to back the US.

Betting on the Olympics offers a chance to throw in a bit of patriotism with your bet. So be sure to check the odds for your country of origin first. 


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