I wish people will realize they're just sneakers. No one should be harmed or killed over a pair of shoes. With the profit and money that could be made off them though, there was tension when people were waiting in line for the release of the Air Jordan 7 "Doernbecher."

Here are the full details:
Today, New York City's 21 Mercer was one of the select Nike retailers authorized to launch the brand's Doernbecher Freestyle sneaker collection. The coveted pairs from the collection are the Air Jordan 7 ($190 retail) and Kyrie 2 ($120), already reselling for $550 and $275, respectively. With limited production and money to be made, people camped outside the store overnight, and tensions boiled over this morning.

A video shared by walklikeus on Instagram shows a fight break out between two men in line before becoming a bigger scuffle in the streets of NYC. It appears that the culprits not only embarrassed themselves, but lost their place in line.
Watch the fight take place below:

A lot of these problems could easily eliminated if Nike got rid of camping out and continue rolling out their raffle system.

-- Josh Dhani


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