This is a pretty scary situation, and I hope Cee Lo Green is alright if this video is recent and real. Apparently, a Samsung a cellphone exploded in the Gnarls Barkley singer's face, nearly killing him.
The video was posted to Instagram earlier today (Dec. 17) by rapper Philly Chase. It appears to be security camera footage of a studio where Green is working. After several visitors leave, he picks up his phone and moves his chair away from the console. Then the phone explodes, and Green falls to the floor, motionless as the video ends.
However, there is no other information about when this incident occurred or any status update on Green.
It’s unknown how the video wound up in Chase’s possession, and, in the caption, he doesn’t offer much in the way of concern beyond “Hope he’s ok!” As Consequence of Sound notes, without a timestamp or any other information, including an official confirmation, there’s a possibility that this could either be a faked video or staged as a publicity stunt. For the sake of Green’s health, we hope it is.
Watch the video below and judge for yourself: 

-- Josh Dhani


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