While the late Craig Sager was a fantastic NBA sideline reporter, he was an even better person who impact so many people's lives. This story of how he helped Dennis Rodman from committing suicide is truly amazing.

Here is the most famous account of the such story:
An interview with Sager should really be conducted at the dog track, where he used to own greyhounds, or a Hooters, where servers clad in Sager Orange bring him Bud Light and buffalo shrimp. He should be perched on a barstool next to his wife, Stacy—a former Bulls dancer 21 years his junior—regaling strangers with a story about Dennis Rodman, who went AWOL from the Pistons in 1993 and planned to commit suicide, until Sager tracked down the Worm on the second floor of a Detroit strip club. “The Landing Strip,” Sager recalls. “He had the gun. He was going to do it. I told him how stupid that would be.”
Rodman acknowledged the story when tweeting about Sager's passing: 

-- Josh Dhani


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