Photos were released recently of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian being in public together for the first time since the rapper's hospitalization. Based off the pics, they both definitely looked like a stressed couple.

Reports have now came out that the two have started couples therapy, mostly for the sake of their two children.
"They're actually doing better. It was obviously a bit tough when everything went down and it was confusing with the stuff going on. But they're doing better now.

"Kim is so in love with him and love can be blinding sometimes—she just adores him and the family loves him as well. It's a situation that she's giving another shot, a second chance. She feels he's been under a lot of pressure, so she feels like he deserves another shot. They had a heart-to-heart about it and Kim is still deeply in love with him."
Reports came out initially that Kim was thinking about divorcing Kanye while he was in the hospital. Let's see if these two can work it out. 


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