We all know how avid of a golfer Michael Jordan is, and how he loves to trash talk. It looks like MJ was on the receiving end of some of this when he played a round recently with Josh Donaldson, but he didn't let the Toronto Blue Jays star phase him.

Donaldson spoke to MLB Network on what it was like to play with the GOAT, in which he tried to trigger MJ with some of his own trash talk.

With both of them putting for par, Donaldson was able to make his putt. Donaldson then asked Jordan about his upcoming putt, in which he replied with this:
"There's nobody you want with the ball at the last second more than with MJ."
Donaldson then replied saying he would take Reggie Miller, leading to Jordan responding with this:
"How many rings does Reggie got?"

Watch the video below to hear Donaldson's full account of this hilarious story: 

-- Josh Dhani


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