Many saw what went down the other night when Blac Chyna's Instagram got hacked with leaked messages and DMs of her talking to other guys. With that, she allegedly left and broke up with Rob Kardashian, who posted a video of himself crying (full story here).

It looks like that all might have been a scam for people to watch their TV special, though.
It is a very simple formula.

Have a big public falling out before your TV show, movie, music release and etc, so it will improved ratings and buys.

It is promotional 101.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are business partners along with the Kardashians & Jenners so the whole break up and moving out of the house with the baby was planned.

The TV special is over now, so to pull you back in Rob had to apologize, so when they get back together it doesn’t look so much like a scam, which is what it was.


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