Stuff like this is why 78 percent of NFL players go broke. KJ Dillon is only a rookie, and as a fifth-round pick he doesn't make much compared to his teammates ($450,000 salary to be exact).

When you get stuck with a bill worth over $16,000, that's a pretty big chunk out of your paycheck. NFL careers don't really last long either, so you need to make as much money as you can in that short timespan.

When going to dinner recently, the Houston Texans safety got hit with a huge bill from his teammates, which included nearly $8,000 worth of just Hennessy. Dillon says he doesn't even drink.

Based off how this season has gone, Brock Osweiler and his $72 million contract should've gotten hit with the bill instead.

Only JR Smith could logically spend that much on Henny...


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