Travis Scott is very passionate about his fans, and he let one security guard have it during a concert in Houston when he took the mic out of one of the person's hands.

Scott had a performance at Houston's Day For Night Festival the other night, where he had one of his fans rap along to a song with him. It's something La Flame usually does in his concerts, but one security guard decided to intervene.

Scott wasn't having any of it, and he went off on the security guard.
"I will smack the fuck out of you, n***a, don't ever fucking take the motherfucking mic out of my fucking fan, man. No security touches a Travis Scott fan, bro. It's not how we rockin', bro."
The fans appreciated what Scott did, but he sounded pretty funny since he was yelling while his mic was set to autotune. It sounded pretty cool, though.

Listen below: 


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