Lamar Jackson recently won the Heisman Trophy after a stellar season with the Louisville Cardinals. This recent story definitely shows how great of a teammate he is.

Jackson is the definitely face of Louisville, which is sponsored by Adidas for its apparel. Back during the beginning of the college football and NFL seasons, much hype surrounded the Adidas Yeezy 350 football cleats that guys like Adrian Peterson and DeAndre Hopkins were seen rocking on the field.

It looks like Jackson almost rocked these cleats himself during a game in September. Per Sole Collector, he was even given the green light to wear the cleats as Louisville signed off on it. However, Jackson himself turned down the offer.

"He said matter of factly that if the whole team couldn't wear them, then he wasn't going to," said Rutherford. "Hence, no Cardinals wearing Yeezy cleats this season."
Louisville sports a football roster that has over 100 players on it, so that is a lot of Yeezy cleats to go around. Of course, there are tons of more Adidas-sponsored schools out there, so Adidas would have to acknowledge all those schools as well on giving the cleats to.

In the end, Jackson did what was fair and for the betterment of team chemistry—but man, imagine if one of his highlight plays he had this season occurred while he was wearing those Yeezy cleats?

We probably would still be talking about it right now...

-- Josh Dhani


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