Being a barber to celebrities has to be awesome, so what word could be used when you’ve cut the president’s hair for almost two decades now?

In this cool piece from Complex, Zariff, who decided to remain last nameless, broke down what its like being trusted to cut the hair of Barack Obama.

The First Barber of the United States, or FBOTUS, Zariff revealed if the cool and suave Obama actually rocks a durag!
Does Barack Obama wear a durag?

[Laughs]. No, not at all. He isn’t really into vanity. He leaves his hair up to me. If he has any slight changes, it would probably [be] just not to make it as short this time or to have it look like he got it cut two or three days ago.

What’s your favorite moment with him?

It’s a really simple one: When he used to bring his girls in the shop every now and then when they were very young. Of course, they were so little they’d sit in the chair and their feet wouldn’t even hit the floor. They would watch him get his haircut. I think it was Malia who asked him one day, “Dad, why do you get your hair cut all the time? It looks the same.” And he said, “That’s the point.” [Laughs]
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