Conor McGregor wants that payday with Floyd Mayweather, even if it causes him to be embarrassed.

Rather than answer Floyd Mayweather’s offer to make a fight between the two of them happen, Mayweather offered McGregor $15 million guaranteed, plus a percentage of pay-per-view profits. The UFC star tried to up the ante, and possibly his payday.

Instead of flat-out declining TBE, Conor jabbed the hell out of Mayweather with a blistering Twitter post showing him standing over Floyd with the caption, “Call me CJ Watson!”

If you wondering what CJ Watson has to do with this, you probably aren’t online. When Mayweather was arrested for domestic violence, the police report said that he was upset that the mother of his kids was dating CJ Watson, and that is what led to assault. 

-- ThaCover2


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