The Chicago Bulls have some young players at key positions, but there’s no way those young guys should be taking on a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to the NBA life.

A frustrated Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade ripped into their teammates after a 119-114 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, in which Chicago led 110-100 with three minutes left in regulation.

The two agreed on teammates not having a care in the world.
“I don’t know what happened,” Wade said. “But we continue to be in these kinds of situations and lose games like this. Everyone don’t care enough. You got to care enough, man. It’s got to mean that much to you to want to win. And it doesn’t. So I don’t know what happened.

“I don’t know how you fix it. It just doesn’t mean enough to guys around here to want to win ballgames. It pisses me off, but I can’t be frustrated, and I can’t care too much for these guys. They have to care for themselves. You got to do better. You got to do better with knowing where your shot’s coming and knock them down. You got to do better with knowing film, knowing personnel. Just as a team, just got to do better, man.”
Wade and Butler, who combined for 73 points on the night, simply believe their teammates are coasting at this point.
“I don’t know if they care enough,” Wade said of his teammates. “So I can’t say it is. I wish I could say that everyone in here is going to go home and not eat tonight. I can’t say that. I wish I could, but I don’t know that they care enough. Games are supposed to hurt. You’re not supposed to sleep, you’re not supposed to want to talk to anybody. These games are supposed to hurt. I don’t know if that is in guys in this locker room. Hopefully they can prove me wrong, but I will challenge them to see if losses like this hurt.

“We can play bad, we can miss shots, but we’re having too many of these lapses. We’re having too many of these losses. This just can’t be acceptable if you want to do something besides have an NBA jersey on and make some money. That’s all we’re doing around here.”
This is far from over, and we still have another half of the season to complete.

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