Maybe Hassan Whiteside sees the writing on the wall, and knows Joel Embiid will be the starting Eastern Conference center for the All-Star team for years to come!

The 76ers big man has been campaigning hard on Twitter to get himself fan votes for the All-Star Game—and why not, he’s missed the past two years!

On Thursday, Whiteside said this:
As of now, Whiteside is done with the All-Star selection process. Growing up, he felt it was the ultimate honor but now views it as nothing more than popularity contest.

“It’s more so a gimmick,” Whiteside said. “I look at guys and they just do stuff to win the fans over, make jokes on Twitter to get people to vote for them. It ain’t got nothing to do really with talent.”
Whiteside didn’t mention Embiid’s name, but Joel wasn’t gonna have any of that, and promptly gave the tantrum-throwing Miami Heat center some love, dropping him a vote on Twitter.

-- ThaCover2


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