LeBron James has played in three Olympic games, bringing home two gold medals. However, he skipped last summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to get rest after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA championship.

Asked about the prospects of a return to Olympic competition, James made it clear that his respect for Gregg Popovich would weigh heavily.
“It factors a lot. I’ve said that before. He’s just a great mastermind of the game of basketball.”
I think the Popovich addition was made to keep the continuity of NBA stars flowing, with a coach that’s widely respect and honored across the game.
“Team USA is in good hands with him. It was in good hands with Coach K. It’s almost like ‘The Godfather.’ We hand it off to Michael Corleone now.”
James will be 36 years old in 2020, but will he want to chase one final Olympic gold is a question that can be answered in a couple of years.

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