The rumor since the release of Future's new self-titled album last Friday has been that he owes 100-percent of his royalties from his next two albums to Rocko, as well as 50-percent of his touring revenue (or something like that at least).

With that, it might explain why Future is dropping yet another new album this Friday called "HNDRXX," making it two albums in two weeks. It's very well possible these two albums were made for the Rocko lawsuit.

Why are Future and Rocko in this lawsuit, though? Here's the perfect explanation of their situation:
Before Future was Future, he was an up and coming artist from Atlanta with a cult following. However, once Pluto hit the streets, his life changed forever.

Future went on to sign a deal with Epic, but before all of this, Future was signed to Rocko’s A1 label. Rocko claims his former artist didn’t live up to his contract, which is why he’s suing him now.
After announcing his new album, Future exchanged beef with Rocko on Instagram afterwards:


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