The Russell Westbrook vs Kevin Durant "feud" appeared to have ended for a brief moment on Sunday night during the NBA All-Star Game when the two connected on an alley-oop. It even led to the entire Western Conference All-Star team celebrating.

Russ vs KD is probably one of the biggest and most fun storylines of the season so far, and Shaq was asked to weigh in on it via Fox Sports.

The Big Diesel had an interesting take on the situation, comparing it his relationship with Penny Hardaway on the Orlando Magic back in the 1990s.

"I’ve been in a similar situation. Probably due to lack of communication. I can understand what Russell’s going through. I did the same thing to Penny [Anfernee Hardaway] when I signed in L.A. Me, I felt there was no need to call anybody and tell them what I was doing, and I’m sure Penny was hurt by that. I’m sure that’s what it is. And then Russell’s probably saying, ‘You was my man, but you go to the team that beat us, and you don’t even call me to tell me?’ So it’s just a lack of communication. They were always friends and always tight and always played together. But one lack of communication can cause everything."

What do you think of Shaq's comments? I can see it, but him leaving Orlando was more of the Magic's fault than it was ever Shaq wanting to leave them. That wasn't the case with Durant and OKC.

The ESPN 30 for 30 about the 1990s Magic, "The Magic Moment," perfectly describes what went down between Shaq, Penny and the Magic franchise. With that said, it's much different than Russ-KD situation.

I, for one, hope the feud (whether it's truly one or not) continues this year.

-- Josh Dhani


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