I knew what the deal was from the moment I saw the video. Kevin Durant didn’t come all the way to Golden State to have blowups with teammates that he never had in Oklahoma City. He’s also never had a teammate like Draymond Green.

Durant signed with the Warriors, in part, to have an enforcer like Green protect him and have his back. Part of that protection is Green using mind games to help toughen up Durant, while emphasizing that he’s only trying to help him.

According to ESPN.com, Green’s sideline argument with Durant was all a part of the plan.
Sources told ESPN that Green, trying to use reverse psychology, intentionally and aggressively approached Durant with a bevy of choice words during a break in Saturday’s loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Durant, who had his worst game with the Warriors as he went 2-of-10 from the field and finished with a season-low 10 points, wasn’t his typical engaged self that evening.

“F— you” obscenities were repeatedly tossed back and forth by both players, sources told ESPN. Durant was enraged. Sources said Green, knowing he had accomplished his goal, began winking and smiling at some of his teammates and coaching staff.
Well for all of you thinking Durant and Draymond have beef, the protector and KD watched the Super Bowl together, hours after cursing each other out.

Mission accomplished.

-- ThaCover2


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