Lavar Ball has been saying a lot of wild statements in regards to his sons, mainly Lonzo. I don't think Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan can do much at this point about the comments, but I feel like he's gonna regret calling out LeBron James on this one.

Lavar's latest statement came on Chris Broussard's podcast, where he basically said that LeBron's two sons won't be good at basketball. In fact, he thinks they are going to be wack.

I mostly feel bad for Lonzo in all of this. He's gonna have guys like Curry trying to cook him in games next season. Now, he has to worry about LeBron dunking on him, too.

Also, LeBron's son aren't even bad. Have you ever seen highlights of Bronny Jr? Boy's a beast and looks like he is following in his father's footsteps. I wouldn't be surprised if the younger one does so either.

Listen to Lavar drop his death wish on Lonzo below: 


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