Judging from these recent comments from Jalen Rose, Chris Webber still may be on the outs with his former running mates, especially in regards to how it will ultimately effect Steve Fisher’s history.

Fisher coached San Diego State for the last 18 years, but his Michigan tenure will largely be remembered for the vacated Final Four appearances and 113 wins after federal investigators determined that booster Ed Martin paid four players, including Webber, a total of over $600,000.

Rose told ESPN.com that Webber’s inability to “apologize” and his “lying” made Fisher collateral damage.

“Because of Chris lying to the grand jury, the banners aren’t hung for a coach who coached in three national championship games,” Rose said. “It’s like he never coached in them. There’s nothing to acknowledge his accomplishments. Not to compare, but that’s why I affectionately call my good friend, John Calipari, Teflon John. They hung a banner for him.

“He absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and if it doesn’t happen, it goes back to where he was implicated in something he was not guilty of. Chris Webber didn’t own what he did and still hasn’t apologized, and there’s been a lot of collateral damage because of that, the number one person [affected by that collateral damage] being Steve Fisher. He wasn’t the person who lied to the grand jury. He’s not the person not choosing to apologize or reconcile any of that. Yet what he accomplished doesn’t get recognized.”

Looks like Rose and Webber won’t be having dinner together anytime soon.

-- ThaCover2


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