The Indiana Pacers lost by only one point to the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday. Game 1 of this first round series came down to the wire, with the Pacers having a chance at taking the last shot and stealing a road game.

Here's what happened, though:

The memes already started pouring in afterwards:

Despite being double-teamed and CJ Miles having a pretty good look, Paul George still wanted to take the last shot. He gave a pretty good explanation about it.

I don't blame PG for saying that. Honestly, if he shot it while double-teamed, I think he would've had a better chance at making it than CJ did. That's not a shot at CJ. He's a great player, but PG13's shooting is something else man.

Look at how fire he has been lately for the Pacers:

Game 2 looks to be a good one.

-- Josh Dhani


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