I’m not sure if this is more cool than awkward, but I can’t fault Mr. Fortt for trying something new. Washington Redskins linebacker Khairi Fortt has been cast to portray slain Redskins legend Sean Taylor in a new TV show about his murder, TMZ Sports has reported.
The show is a combination of real-life interviews with investigators and family members, and scenes dramatizing the actual events.

But get this … the role of Taylor’s father will be played by Fortt’s father, Guy Fortt — who was an actor working with producers on the show last year when he suggested they consider Khairi to play Sean.

Khairi got the audition and executive producers Kevin Kaufman and Rick Tirelli tell us it was an obvious fit.
Fortt will star as Taylor in a June episode of “The Perfect Murder” on Investigation Discovery, detailing how cops helped solve Sean’s tragic 2007 home invasion murder.

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