Russell Wilson used Under Armour just like Kevin Durant did, and now the Seattle Seahawks star quarterback is one of the faces of Nike football. Wilson signed a long-term contract with Nike, after leaving the apparel brand in 2014 and playing in Under Armour gear in 2015.

The Super Bowl XLVIII champion then went back to Nike before the start of the 2016 season, and now he’s celebrating being a face of the brand. Nike unveiled its latest football cleat, the Alpha Menace Elite—its lightest and most innovate cleat yet—inspired by Wilson.

“This cleat means everything to me,” says Wilson. “When you’re a young kid you dream of certain accomplishments and things you want to do in the sports world, and this is everything that I dreamed of.”

Wilson, far more explosive and multidirectional than most players rooted in the pocket, was integrated in the design and development of the Alpha Menace Elite.

Various design breakthroughs include:
· Additional toe, heel and secondary studs provide multidirectional traction, allowing athletes to dodge opponents and stop on a dime

· Redesigned studs with scooped edges grab and release the ground almost like a shovel; each surface faces a different direction, helping the athlete to gain 360-degree traction for acceleration, breaking and quick changes in direction

· Creating an all-new plate from a combination of three materials after leveraging an algorithm that dictated what the lightest, strongest structure was, and ultimately moving away from previously and commonly used carbon fiber
You can buy the cleats here.

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