Lavar Ball came into the public eye once his son Lonzo became a standout basketball player at UCLA, and he hasn't stopped since. Many wonder what team that drafts him (likely the Los Angeles Lakers) will have to deal in regards to his father.

Here's what NBA commissioner Adam Silver had to say.

"I think here, if I were an NBA team looking at Lonzo Ball, I'm not sure how much consideration I would give to his father. I think ultimately the issue is, how much game does Lonzo have, how great a player can he be.

"I think his dad will invariably settle down once his son is drafted and a team has the appropriate discussions with him. So I'm not concerned about that."

Do you think Lavar will "settle down" after his son is drafted? I could see it. Lavar still has to help out LiAngelo, who will be playing at UCLA next, as well as youngest son LaMelo.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 


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