I've always had a passion for sneakers, but I didn't get seriously into collecting until about my sophomore year of high school.

From then on, I started amassing tons of pairs and eventually was up to over 120 pairs of various Air Jordans, Nikes, Adidas and more the summer before my senior year of high school. I knew had to cut down.

From around my senior year of high school to just about a few months ago, I had anywhere between 20-60 pairs of kicks based on how much I bought and sold every month (did a bit of reselling on the side).

In April of 2017, I decided to sell it all.

Well...not totally. I am, however, selling basically 90 percent of what's left in my sneaker collection. I had about 40-50 pairs last month. I thought it was a decent size, but as I thought about the future, I realized this probably wasn't going to last.

So why not just get rid of them now? Being a college student, it's annoying rotating between shoes. I only keep around eight pairs when I'm at my university, and that's all I need. And honestly, having all these shoes became overwhelming.

It's definitely tough getting rid of these nice shoes, but I have no regrets. It's better to have small collection of kicks that you can wear everyday and that can last for a long time than having a ton that you can only wear a couple times per year.

I have over 30 pairs of shoes for sale. Here's a preview of what it looked like when I figured out which shoes I wanted to sell:

I have them all listed on the sneaker selling website, Kixify.

[Click HERE if you're interested in buying any of my kicks (All between size 11-12)]

For those curious, here's what my sneaker collection is basically going to be now and hopefully for a while:

If you haven't noticed, my collection is basically all Air Jordan 1s. Why? It's probably one of the most classic sneakers of all time. My love for sneakers began with Jordans, and my favorite pair of Jordans of all time are the "Chicago" 1s. 

Another reason why I picked the Jordan 1s is because they are the most durable. Jordan 1s from over one to even three decades ago are still wearable today. Also, they look good no matter how much you wear them. 

With that said, my regular everyday rotation will be eight pairs of Jordan 1s (since my sneaker rack that I bring to college only holds that many. And honestly, eight pairs is more than enough). 

As for the rest of my collection, I have a pair of running/workout kicks (Nike x Supreme Lunar Flyknits), rain/snow boots (Nike ACG Lupinek), basketball kicks (PG 1s), some flip flops, absolute beaters (Lance Mountain 1s)......and some golf cleats.

What's not pictured are the shoes in my closet, which are the "Black" Air Jordan 11Lab4s (which I hilariously use as dress shoes) and two pairs of what are probably my favorite shoe ever—the "Cork" Nike LeBron 10s (ones for wearing on certain occasions and one to keep deadstock). 

So there you have it, folks. I don't have all the shoes anymore, but my passion for kicks will never go away. Obviously, I will still keep up with the news and what is going on in the sneaker world. We'll give you the fix here at FB. 

Also, to remind you again, if you're interested in buying any of my kicks that I have for sale, you can go HERE

I'm out.


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