Nobody knows what Lavar Ball is doing exactly when it comes to handling Lonzo's brand and business, but it's entertaining to see. The latest report coming out is that he turned $10 million offers from major sneaker brands.

Per Bleacher Report, brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour offered this deal for Lonzo, but Lavar turned all of them down. He wanted more.
ESPN's Darren Rovell reported the information during an appearance this week on the Dan Patrick Show, per Brad Crawford of 247Sports.

"We said Tiger (Woods) might be the next Jordan taking over, but there is no next Jordan in basketball or probably no next Jordan anywhere," Rovell said. "I know that's going to disappoint LaVar Ball, but I think you have to say that."

Rovell went on to say LaVar Ball is betting on his Big Baller Brand rather than taking a deal that could have doubled his son's rookie salary. The ESPN business reporter told Patrick he's surprised the patriarch didn't take a different route after the Los Angeles Lakers landed the second overall pick.

"It's strange to me that LaVar didn't at least fold some of his cards and go back to the shoe companies in earnest," he said. "After the Lakers thing goes down and the perfect scenario is going to unfold, the new deal, Nike (to) five years and $20 million. But what does LaVar Ball do? Instead of saying he now wants $1 billion, he now wants $3 billion." 
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