Tyronn Lue did in fact sign a new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he can afford this bet and a few others.

Mike Brown reportedly beat Lue in a shooting contest when the Cavaliers coach was an NBA baby, and the Golden State Warriors acting head coach joked that Lue can surely afford it these days.

”I’m glad he finally admitted that he owes me money because for many years he wouldn’t admit that he owed me money. He does owe me $100 and since he got his new deal hopefully he can afford to pay me now. I asked him many time for it but he’s denied it. He’s denied that the game ever took place.”

Lue admitted he owed, but insisted Brown would never accept.

”Mike, I owe him $100 from when I was a rookie. That’s all I ever know about Mike. I tried to pay him and he wouldn’t take the money so he says I always owe him. He’s always been a great guy.”

Lue was rewarded with a five-year, $35 million contract extension after the Cavs' championship.


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