We're only a day away from the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors NBA Finals trilogy. The two most talked about players from either teams have been LeBron James and Kevin Durant, but where does Stephen Curry fit into the picture?

Curry is looking for revenge after blowing a 3-1 lead to Cleveland in last year's Finals. Curry is the two-time reigning MVP, but many believe that KD is the best player on the team. Curry is the better shooter, has more rings, and has more MVPs, but KD is considered better by most pundits.

Scottie Pippen agrees, and went on to say on ESPN's "The Jump" that Curry isn't a dominant player.

"I think we have to also look at it now that he’s not the best player on either team. Even though he’s a two-time MVP, a unanimous MVP, right now, he’s not the best player on his team, and he’s not a dominant player. He’s a great player, and the things that he does out on the basketball court force Cleveland to have to do things to get the ball out of his hands, but in terms of what LeBron and KD can do, those guys can dominate you in all areas of the game, from rebounding, to blocking shots, to defending, to scoring. They beat you all across the board."

Curry isn't dominant like a KD or LeBron is, but he still has a way of enforcing it. Just look to last year's season he had, which made him the first ever unanimous MVP. When his shot is falling, you can't stop him. We'll have to see what he can prove in this series.

As for Scottie, it isn't the first time he has been critical of Steph or the Warriors. Do you agree with what he had to say? 


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