Stephen Curry knows the narrative, and he won’t be able to hide from Kyrie Irving or his perceived collapse against the Cleveland Cavaliers in last year's NBA Finals.

During an in-depth sit down with ESPN’s Chris Haynes published earlier Memorial Day, Curry opened up about the behind-the-back turnover he had late in the fourth quarter of the decisive game and the last-second shot Irving hit in his face.

Curry admitted that he still hasn’t forgotten about that costly possession in Game 7.
“I know it wasn’t a good pass,” Curry told ESPN as he shook his head from side to side. It’s a mishap he’s not proud of.

“In thinking about that game, it’s funny because I know the concept of making the right play, making a simple play, understanding that there are deciding moments in games and the difference between winning a championship or not could be one of those plays,” Curry continued. “[With that said,] I came out in preseason this year and threw a behind-the-back pass because I have confidence that I can do it and it won’t change that.”

It was the beginning of a 4-minute, 39-second drought to end the game, causing the Golden State Warriors to lose in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals after blowing a 3-1 lead.

Curry, fresh off another MVP, was also outgunned by Irving, and addressed the Cavs point guard hitting that dagger three to win the title.

“You could tell that’s a shot he’s worked on,” Curry said. “I was right there. Tried not to foul. I stayed in front and contested. He just made an amazing shot. You have to give him credit. There’s nothing I’d do differently on that play.”

Good defense or not, legacies will be defined by this year's series and I can’t wait.


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