I like them. Kevin Durant got a little motivation hours before his second-straight Western Conference Finals appearance on Sunday. Nike launched the KD 10 on the anniversary of Durant’s first signature shoe launch a decade ago.

Designs of the shoe, along with Durant’s unique journey, are depicted in the video below:

They are very traditional, very smooth and look very comfortable. More details below.
Ten years ago this month, Nike signed Kevin Durant and the skinny teenager almost immediately received his first signature shoe. A decade later, the risk has paid off with Durant and Nike designer Leo Chang writing a new playbook for developing a signature basketball line with authentic innovation and inspirations matching the athlete’s own trajectory.

Within Durant’s course is a consistent, subtle refinement of pure basketball efficiencies and mechanics. This same path is mirrored in progression from the KD9 to the KD10. For one, the Flyknit construction is the best yet on a basketball shoe — engineered precisely for flexibility, breathability and support just where needed.
Check out more pics of the KD 10 below:


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