2 Chainz' new album, "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music," just dropped recently. I was looking very forward to the project after hearing singles like "Big Amount" and "4AM" previously.

I have to say it's a pretty solid album, as it adds to the amazing run Tity Boi has had in the past year. The album has a number some dope songs, and not to mention some great lines, references, and lyrics to go along with it.

Let's take a look at the some of those that stuck out.

I left the crib walking, drove a Mercedes back
You wasn't blessed with ambition so who you gon blame for that
Song: Saturday Night
Luda charged me just to dip, was there when Chaka was swung on by Tip
Song: Saturday Night 
I booked studio with the trap money, Lil Wayne used to come get the bags from me
Song: Saturday Night
 Gold everywhere, gold over there, Trinidad James you niggas
Song: Riverdale Rd
My first foreign car, it was a Bimmer
My second foreign car, it was a Bimmer
My third foreign car, it was a Porsche
My fourth foreign car you can't afford
Song: Riverdale Rd
Rocking some Pradas like they was Air Forces
We had no choices
Song: Riverdale Rd
 When you was the quarterback, I had the quarter sacks
Song: Riverdale Rd
So I'ma keep me a Wraith, my jewelry look like a lake
Today I'm in the Maybach
And that car came with some drapes
Song: Good Drank
 I look you right in your face, sing to your bitch like I'm Drake
Song: Good Drank
Whips out, Kunta Kinte
Diamonds clear like Bombay
Take your babies, no Harambe
Play with keys like Doc Dre
3K like André
Song: Good Drank (Quavo)
But I just did three years on a bunk
Oh, you in a slump
I'm headed to Oakland like Kevin Durunt
What is your point?
Square with the stamp, for Kevin Durant
Song: Good Drank (Gucci Mane)
Reminiscin' 'bout the trap, playin' the first Carter
My life changed when I had my first daughter
Song: 4AM
Rock with Champagne P
If it wasn't for the struggle then I wouldn't be me
Song: 4AM
I dropped ColleGrove out the sky, ooh
In a group with the best rapper that's alive, ooh
Song: 4AM 
Ooh, Riccardo Tisci on the crewneck
Ooh, On a killin' rapper spree and nigga, you next
Song: 4AM
All up in the crowd, Frank Lucas fur coat
Yeah, sipping muddy like a mothafuckin' Merlot
Song: Door Swangin
Wait, first 48, hard to see my face, diamonds in the way
This is MMA, I just beat the case
Song: Door Swangin
Turn up in tennis shoes, turn up in red bottoms
Turn up in red bottoms, turn up, turn up in red bottoms
Song: Door Swangin
Asahd Khaled with the cloth
Dwayne Carter of the north
Dwyane Wade in the fourth
Song: Realize (Nicki Minaj)
I left the mall like Ginobili
And if I'm not successful, ain't nobody gon' come console me
Song: Poor Fool
When my dad died, I got focused
I gotta table full of Ace of Spades
I don't fuck around with you jokers
Song: Poor Fool
I'm so high they might call a goaltend 
Song: Poor Fool
Raised by single parent Black woman
They call me Tity Boi 'cause she used to spoil me
She always told me
Song: Poor Fool
Smoking on a yacht, call me Ricky Steamboat
Song: Poor Fool
Tryna flip a brick, Shaq at the free throw
Taught by Scarface, Brad Jordan, Al Pacino
Song: Poor Fool
I want it easy, please do not tease me
I wore my Yeezys to dinner
Song: Big Amount
Shawty ride like an equestrian
I bought the dress that she in
Red bottoms in his and hers
Got a Rollie in his and hers
Got a car in his and hers
Walk in the zoo and say, "Pick a fur"
Song: Big Amount
Got the Billboard melodies
Rap is somethin' I do on the side
Crossed over to the other side
And I didn't even have to die
Song: Big Amount (Drake)
Got a vibe, make a yellow chick turn her neck (alright)
Got a vibe, make a cougar wanna spend a check (check)
Got a vibe, make an Asian want hibachi (hibachi)
Got a vibe, make Italian want Versace (Versace)
Song: It's a Vibe
Rolls Royce, bitch, yeah the doors go dat way
The doors go dat way, the doors go dat way
Song: Rolls Royce Bitch
I'm good, I'm good like Ye
I'm good like Sean and Push
I'm good, I'm good, okay
Song: Rolls Royce Bitch
Used to have a killer crossover
Now I think I done crossed over
Song: Rolls Royce Bitch
Jacket on Ric Flair
Watch on Ric Flair
James Brown with the slick hair
Song: Sleep When U Die
Rap shit check, foreign shit check
Fashion shit check, cashing shit check
I ain’t talkin’ Nike when I’m talkin’ ‘bout a check
Bought your girl some Nikes when she asked me ‘bout a check
Song: Trap Check
Blue cheese in my Off Whites
I've been drinkin' codeine all night
Song: Blue Cheese (Quavo)
Came from the rags to riches, now we got bags and bitches
Song: Blue Cheese (Quavo)
I got blue cheese in my jeans
I bought my queen Celine
I got my team Supreme
Song: OG Kush Diet
Space age like 8 ball, MJG, Nate Dogg
Sippin' quavo, ridin' offsets, guess I'm 'bout to take off
Song: OG Kush Diet
Sipping on the D'usse
Rocking some Medusa, give a fuck what you say
Song: Bailan
A DJ competition, I'm mixing in the kitchen
Now who gon' do the dishes
Bankroll thicker than Deelishis
Song: Bailan
'Cause you got a deep title don't mean that you deep
Substance shallow on shit creek, I heard Cole speak
About the bricks, Kendrick got Compton lit
And I've been lit ever since I sold nicks 
Song: Burglar Bars
I made up the Bentiaga truck, you owe me a Bentley
This the rap Ken Griffey, got at least 10 with me
Song: Burglar Bars
It's Mr. Epps in the bank, I give a F what you think
I bought a Tesla today, there's nothing left in your tank
Song: Burglar Bars
I did everything except a fucking song with Jay
But I murdered every song I fucking did with Ye
Song: Burglar Bars
I'm more Gucci than Vans, give you a Gucci advance
This the chance of your life, you ain't prepared for your life
See the man without a mic is just a mic gimmick
Anyone, Jordan, Jackson, Tyson, Bivens
Song: Burglar Bars
That soulful trap music, man. Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout Section 8, I'm talkin' 'bout the 'partments. You stay in the middle, someone stay on top of you, someone stay below you. What you know about grabbing a broom and shit and hitting upstairs like, "Y'all stop fucking stomping! Y'all stop walking so mothafuckin' hard!" Then the people downstairs, they doing the same shit to us. Tru, trill shit
Song: Burglar Bars


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