We are two games into the 2017 NBA Finals, and people are already writing off the Cleveland Cavaliers. I can see why, though. The Golden State Warriors have dominated in their first two games, and people are already talking a potential sweep.

I do think the Cavs will win at least one game in this series, but losing in five to the Warriors would definitely hurt. Golden State has shown to be too good and unstoppable, as the addition of Kevin Durant has been too much to overcome.

If the Cavs were to get swept or lose in 5, what could they do to get better and get back at Golden State if they were to meet in the Finals for the fourth year in a row?

Chris Broussard gave an interesting scenario on FS1's "The Herd" Monday:

Would Paul George join the Cavs? As an Indiana Pacers fan, I honestly could see this. LeBron and Kyrie Irving are both with Nike, as is George. All three have signature shoes. The Warriors are stacked, and the Cavs can get a third big superstar of their own with PG.

Marketing and business wise, it would be huge. Nike will be the apparel provider for the NBA next season, and having their four main signature athletes (PG, LeBron, KD, Kyrie) on the Warriors and Cavs would be pretty insane.

However, this idea seems far-fetched and the chances of it are low, but we all probably said the same thing about KD going to the Warriors last year way before the free agency period.

If we're going to see a Cavs vs Warriors Finals for at least another one or two years, I actually hope this happens—but that's only if Cleveland were to get swept or lose in 5 this year.

What do you think of PG to the Cavs? Is it even possible? 


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