Mr. Angelo Martinez will never attempt a car jacking again, after being turned into a replica of a swollen-headed Martin Payne after he boxed Tommy Hearns.

According to KRQE, police in New Mexico arrested Martinez after he was beat down by three football players after a failed robbery.
The 21-year-old Angelo Martinez attempted to stop three football players as they were leaving practice and asked for a ride.

The men agreed to give him a lift, but after they arrived at the drop off point, Martinez pulled out a gun and demanded the men get out of the vehicle.

The men got out of the car, but when they saw Martinez fumble the gun, KOAT reports one of the men jumped back in and punched the suspect in the face.
The men beat the hell out of Martinez, restraining him until police arrived.

To make matters worse, the gun wasn’t even real, according to police.


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